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NC land for sale by owner. Located west of Asheville. Purchase

7 acres with cold mountain spring and year round water. Nice little branch of cold running water.  $69,000.00 Unimproved, Logging roads  -  Owner will finance with $3,650.00 down and $350.00 p/mt. No Qualifying . I also have adjoing parcels so we can make this tract as large as you want. Please understand that all my land , whether unimproved or improved, have restrictions. We have very little zoning so to protect your invesment and mine, I have placed some minor protections on these parcels. I created POA's mainly allowing all owners to have excellent roads , properly maintained in the improved parcels.  Restrictions such as no commercial businesses, low density, private, animals welcome, bring your horses, sheep, cattle etc. We are country but please NO hog farms, whew?  Some sites allow RV use such as 90 days a year and some 6 mts per yr. Keep your RV on site, no problem but we are a residential community in the country. BUT, using your RV has been really nice for so many, especially while you are still working. I understand you want to enjoy the mountains when you can get away.

I have so many parcels, we just need to search and see what I can do for you.                       

6  acres improved $49,000.00  with $3,650.00 down and $350.00 p/mt.- Nice timber, paved access year round. Gorgeous homes. This tract was returned for me for non payment , so their loss and your gain. Should typically be priced at $89,000.00.  Paved access and in a really nice area , called Bethel NC , just east of Waynesville about 12 minutes. ALL my land is located in Haywood County, Waynesville and Maggie Valley. Asheville about 30 to 45 mins away, Boone about 2 hrs, Franklin about 1.5 hours, Cashiers about 1.5 hours, Knoxville TN about 2 hrs, Cashiers about 1.5 hrs.  Atlanta about 3.5 hrs.

1.6 acres on paved road near I-40  and Maggie Valley area of Haywood County. $24,900.00  $3,650.00 down and $300 p/mt. Short term mortgage because you are paying $300 p/mt.  This land is located off I-40 and Exit 20 , which takes you into Maggie Valley. State maintained road and easy year round access. Haywood County is much less expensive then Asheville but you have the benfits of Asheville, only 30 to 45 minutes east. Cherokee NC is about 30 minutes over the Maggie Valley mountains. Hey, maybe stop and DSki the slopes in Maggie Valley.

1.5 acres gated access. private and close to town but country. Gorgeous building site. Can be two lots or one lot. $29,900.00 . You can combine these two lots into one 1.5 acres parcel or maintain it as two lots, each about .70  acres each. what a deal, live in the mountains, and own two lots for the price of one. This is a gated community with restrictions which I can email you for your review. Now recall, C/R are required to keep your investment protected. C/R help maintain the roads, keep trees cut when storms hit, clean culverts and so much more. Again, we are country so raise a garden, bring your animals and enjoy sitting on the front porch.  $300.00 p/mt for two lots.  I can email you surveys, Covennts and Restrictions and sample contracts.  I have been selling my personally owner land for the last 25 years here in Haywood County.

100 acres for $499,000.00.  Heavy Timber, Great Views, easy access to I-40 , close to Maggie and Waynesville. Just 45 minutes from Asheville. owner will finance with 10% down and easy monthly payments of $2,800.00 p/mt.  OR buy any portion of this 100 acre tract. price will be a bit higher for smaller pieces but I can assure you, my prices beat anyone in Haywood County.  I am selling off my inventory and making deals. I own every parcel you see here and more. This is why I can offer owner financing. Call Skip at 828-593-9744 or email me at  I will be happy to send you a plat of Cherry Hill Estates Phase III, OFF THE GRID AND UNIMPROVED BUT LOTS OF LAND FOR MUCH LESS MONEY.  Contact me for the meaning of OFF THE GRID!

20 acres in Cherry Hill Estates Phase III. Logging roads give access. Unimproved means no electric on site and more primitive land. $119,000.00 . Payments will be about $625.00 p/mt. Only $3,650.00down.

3.5 acres with bold creek, pasture, timber and views. Rolling land. $85,000.00  with terms about $535.00 p/mt.  A real special tract. Can also have two homes on these two parcels. Located in the Willows. Plus I have another 5 acres tract with a creek for $150K.

5 acres of pasture with neat building site. can also build a pond on this piece. $150,000.00.  $900 p/mt .  Full running mountain creek. 

3 acres for $69K improved land meaning maintained roads and electric on site. Now unimproved does not offer electric on site nor are the roads maintained.  i have plenty of each type of land.


Unimproved buyers usually want OFF the GRID. I sell lots of unimproved so come see us. we can look at both and you decide.


I need to mention this. Gated communities, which I have a few, are not at all like what you find in high density projects. The gate mainly keeps the unwanted traffic out and off your road systems which you pay annually to maintain. It also keeps some of the high powered rifles off your land that some hunters use. You will see once you visit how important these gates can be and they are not intrusive at all. Not all my projects have gates but most do. You just get a bit more of privacy and protection from unwanted 4 wheelers, trucks, hunters etc. I can offer you both gated and not, your choice.

I hope some of these details help you figure out what we in the mountains like so much and what the smokies can offer.





Property 1   " 6 acres great views , paved access. Bethel area "

SPECIAL SALE  6 acres for $49,000.00.. You need $3,650.00 down and payments of $300.00 p/mt.  Click here for more details about buying land directly from the owner . owner financing on all land I own and have for sale. My land is located in Waynesville and Maggie Valley area of Haywood County.  This tract offers heavy timber and is located in the Bethel area just 10 minutes to downtown Waynesville. Paved access. Great Views.

Property 2   "10 acres bring your RV until you build "

10 acres for $69,000.00 that adjoins Cherry Hill Estates. This land has fantastic SE views with easy access to I-40 exit 20 Maggie Valley area. $3,650.00 down and $350.00 p/mt payments. No qualifying. Warranty Deed and title Insurance.

Unimproved land with logging roads. approved for a septic system which means it is ready to build.


Property 3  "1.5 acres close to downtown Waynesville, $19K cash"

  OR  1.5 acres in Big Cove Estates located near downtown Waynesville but yet in the heart of the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. $3,650.00 down and $300.00 p/mt. I will finance your purchase of this recently foreclosed property. You will deal directly with me, owner of all the land listed on this web site. Warranty deed and Title Insurance at closing. No qualifying.bring your RV for seasonal use until you build. Really nice homes and easy access to Asheville North Carolina off I-40.

Property 4  "5 acres absolutely one of a kind $135K cash"

OR 5 acres of pasture with a cold mountain creek plus and ideal site to build a bass pond. Timber and views will make you want your log home over looking the creek. bring your horse and farm animals and enjoy the cool 3000 ft elevation. One of a kind tract priced at $175,000.00 with great owner financing. Small down payment of $20,000.00 and monthly payments to meet your budget.


Property 5   "  5 acres $35K CASH "

 5 ACRES FOR $45K AND I FINANCE. OR Buy this 100 acre tract of land that has already been platted and recorded in Haywood County. Close to I-40 and exit 20 , the Maggie Valley exit. I will finance the sale with $65,00.00 down and monthly payments. Asking price is $5,500.00 per acre if you buy the 100 acres. I will sell smaller parcels $6,000.00 up to $7,500.00 per acre. This land has been approved for septic systems and ready to build. Logging roads provide good access now and electric is close by in Cherry Hill Estates.  Call for more details and a plat of Phase III Cherry Hill Estates, unimproved parcels. Any size you want from 3 acres and up.


Property #6  " 4.2 ACRES AND WILD VIEWS with site work  $59K "



I specialize in finding you properies in the Waynesville and Maggie Valley area of Western North Carolina.



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